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Meet the Author
Carol Green

Carol M Green is a grandmother and she runs. Running is one way she helps ensure that she will be around to enjoy many years of grand-mothering. Her motto is “Learn to laugh and laugh while you learn,” because - what else are you going to do? Once you have learned, put it on paper and help others to learn.

​The purpose of Run At Any Age: A Beginner's Guide for Adults is 1) to encourage and convince you that you CAN begin running given you have a clear bill of health from your doctor, 2) to give you information that will help you get started, 3) to provide tips and techniques to help you endure when the physical or mental going gets tough, and 4) to help you obtain benefits and satisfaction that only a runner will understand.

Gary Learns to Fish ​is her second children's book in the Gary Learns Series. The Awesome Aunts are back with another fun life lesson for kids.
Gary Learns to Skate is her first children’s book.  It was illustrated by her granddaughter. Gary learns the importance of never giving up.
The Hard Run: Painful Lessons from a Running Granny is her third book. It examines pain and the life lessons that can be learned through the discomforts of running.
Her first two books, “Gold Pans and Iron Skillets” and "Milk Cans and Quilt Bocks" are collections of essays that teach a lesson. Some of them, however, are just for fun. Her blog, Running Granny Green , is for those lessons that can't wait for a special project. 
Carol shares her talents as a book coach, speaker, and social media coach. Visit our  What We Offer  page for more information.

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“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Learn to laugh and laugh while you learn!”
Carol M Green

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