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8 Workshops on the Journey of Writing a Book from the Directors of ICAN. 


MAP IT: JoEllen – We’re Going on a Cool Adventure! What will your journey look like for you? What do you want the results to be? It is important to have a clear direction. You can explore many stops, but don’t get lost!


MAP IT: Outlining, Schedules, and Drafts (oh my!) JoEllen and Kimbre. JoEllen will offer information on writing and production schedules, tips for outlining, and the purpose of the drafts. Join Kimbre as she helps you prepare for your journey. She will touch base on simple tools and tricks to help you best prepare for mapping out your book. Tips such as story boarding and using your computer to its fullest with dictation options.


PACK Gather Information: Mary – Have you ever thought about writing historical fiction in a short story, novel, or even adding history into your nonfiction work? Historical writing is escapism for the reader, founded on events and time periods and certainly more captivating than reading a history book. This genre can be dreaded due to the research, but it can be fun and inspiring to write. Be inspired as we check out historical writing how-tos, in a step-by-step method.


PACK: JoEllen – Be in the know (Character enneagrams, topics, scenarios, settings) Join JoEllen as she helps you understand the importance of knowing topics you are writing about. Research when you need to. Know your characters. Are they acting and reacting in a believable way according to their personalities?


ENJOY THE JOURNEY− Mary: Character development is vital to what keeps your reader reading your work, whether you write an essay, short story, memoir, or fiction. The whole plot of a story is seen through the eyes of the character through both good and bad decisions and relates in some way to the reader’s own life. If your character is not dynamic, the story ceases to have impact and your reader loses interest. Let us help you explore your character’s potential.



REACHING THE DESTINATION: Editing with color. In this workshop, Kimbre will guide you through a colorful editing activity that she uses instead of traditional drafting.


COMING HOME: Marketing and Networking − Kimbre. You published your book, now what? Like, share, follow…marketing and social media words that make us stop in our tracks. During this workshop, Kimbre hopes to help you with your marketing anxieties with tips on building your brand and your social media habits

2023 Treasure Valley Writers' Conference Flash Drive

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