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The Secrets Behind the Eyes: Life (?) After Abortion 

Author: JoEllen Claypool


In The Secrets Behind the Eyes, JoEllen Claypool explores the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. She weaves in her own story and struggle with Post Abortion Syndrome to provide a better understanding of the aftermath of this choice. The author challenges the reader to take the time to look behind the eyes of the people they meet stating, “There are many people who cross our paths, whose lives have been affected by abortion. If you could find the combination to the safe behind those eyes, you could enter a dimension that nobody has ever visited.” There are countless hurting people entangled in the chains of their past that are aching to be set free. The information in this book will enable the reader to help in that healing process. The Secrets Behind the Eyes also offers hope to those who have been through this experience and are anxious to live a life without condemnation. Leviticus 26:13b states “I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with your heads held high.” This book will help post-abortive women understand that they are not alone. It will supply them with confidence and boldness to speak up and tell their own story so that even more lives can be saved.

The Secrets Behind the Eyes: Life (?) After Abortion

  • 122 Pages

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