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Wanting Moore

Author: Mary Vine 

“Mary Vine has a knack for combining suspense with romance…”-Night Owl RomanceIsabella Moore grew up with six brothers and could best any of them. Against her family’s wishes, she leaves home to find the job she was put on this earth to do. When a stagecoach accident puts a break in her leg and plans, she finds herself in the forest of Northeast Oregon with no one to assist her but the town’s reluctant doctor.Surgeon Gabriel Stone saw enough tragedy during the Civil War to give up doctoring for good. As a blacksmith in a gold mining town, he meets up with a lovely, risk-taking woman in need of a doctor. Ethically, he has no choice but to take her in, treat and shield her from the rowdy men of town - but can he entrust her with his heart?

Wanting Moore

  • 142 Pages

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