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April 2023 Newsletter

It's April already, and I can't contain my excitement for our upcoming Writers' Retreat on Saturday the 22nd. If you haven't gotten your ticket to this event you still have time sign up:

This year's retreat will be held at the old Huston School. During this one day retreat, you will not only get the opportunity of several, quiet, hours to work on your writing project, you will also have access to our the directors for one-on-one council time. Each director has her own unique skill sets and are ready to spend the day encouraging you. Let's meet our directors:

JoEllen Claypool wears many hats in the writing community. She seeks to impact others through being a book coach, a speaker, and an author. JoEllen has helped authors with illustrations and has experience as a ghostwriter because she loves to help people tell their stories. JoEllen started with nonfiction, incorporating this genre into collaborative works with other authors as well including the Creative Authors’ Workbook Journal with the original founders of ICAN. She loves exploring her art through juvenile fiction and writes and illustrates her own children’s books. JoEllen would love to spend time with you at the writing retreat and answer your questions.

Mary Vine has been writing for decades and has learned much to share with you. She is a hybrid author, writing a variety of genres including contemporary and historical romantic fiction, a mystery anthology, a time travel series, inspirational children’s books and currently a Regency era story. She has her own publishing LLC and has published books for two authors. Ask Mary questions or let her help you edit your work during your retreat.

Kimbre Christopher has been helping authors for several year to create beautiful websites to showcase their books. She has recently been helping authors set up marketing schedules to help promote themselves and their books.

Kimbre is no stranger to the fears and struggles of writing, publishing, and marketing. She published her first book in 2022 and has learned a few things about developing a thick skin about reviews. Kimbre is eager to spend time with each of you during the retreat to share her knowledge.


If you released a new book (or a new format of a previously released book) during the last three months, please provide the following information within the body of an email and email it to our ICAN director Mary Vinecore at:

ICAN will announce your book release on the Idaho Creative Authors Network Facebook page. We look forward to helping you get the word out and celebrating your book.

Book Title:

Book Genre:

Format available (print, E-book, audio, other):

Link to Purchase:

Short description (limit 100 words):

Where can the author be found online (please provide links):

Please also attach a jpg file of your book’s FRONT cover.

Oh, and new releases will be posted soon!

We won't be meeting for a Coffee Chat in April, but we will see you in May. More details to come!

“Take Note of What You’re Noting”

I recently attended a workshop titled “Exposing Myths and Practices That Undermine Creativity” taught by author Joni B. Cole. It was really a reminder of the control we have as a writer; we are in charge of the muse. I have said many times that I do not believe in writer’s block. Kimbre has taught about finding inspiration. “Take note of what you’re noting.” This quote really struck me because honestly everything can be used for inspiration, even the uninspiring things. Start paying closer attention to your surroundings. What sights and sounds do you gravitate toward? Make sure to trust in the creative process even when you feel uninspired; keep moving forward. She suggested keeping a collection of our inspired and uninspired moments. Put them all to use in your writing. There have been times I would sit down to start typing and my mind was completely blank. So that is what I typed. I did not want to waste my time so I just started throwing random words and thoughts onto the paper until it finally started developing into something worth using.

Joni defined real writers as:

1. those who are willing to put in the effort.

2. those who are willing to revise.

3. those who can accept constructive criticism AND praise.

I would bet that most of you can do #1 and #2. We all know the third one can be tough. We do have to have thick skin. However, we need to own who we are as writers and be proud of the fact that you are able to weave sentences together. I am serious when I say that not everyone can do that. When someone gives you praise, simply smile and say, “Thank you.”

I challenge you to start noting what draws your attention and, above all, don’t stop writing!

(JoEllen Claypool)

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